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Todd Slaughter
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Rain/Speed Cause Death on Highway 299

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DOUGLAS CITY.  A collision between two trucks on Highway 299 in Trinity County resulted in death on Tuesday, April 22, 2008.  The driver of an eastbound tire truck was struck head-on by a westbound flatbed near the Grass Valley Creek Bridge.  The flatbed apparently lost control because of speed and wet pavement.  A steady rain had been falling all day.   The 43-year old driver of the tire truck was killed.  The three occupants of the flatbed suffered only minor injuries.


Accidents such as this one stand as a constant reminder that speed on the mountain roads of Northern Claifornia, particularly when weather conditions are changing, often kills.  The “seconds” that may be saved in arriving a bit earlier is never worth the life that is taken or lost. 


Our condolences go out to the survivors of the deceased.