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Todd Slaughter

First Year Lawyer Discuss Medical Arbitration Agreements with First Year Doctor

When Worlds Collide: First Year Lawyer talks with First Year Resident-Doctor about Arbitration Agreements
When it comes to personal injury and Arbitration Agreements, lawyers and doctors can share…

Todd Slaughter

Before Rendering Critical Care Is It Ethical for a Physician to Insist that Patient Sign an Arbitration Clause?

So you’ve been injured. You have some scrapes and bruises, a dislocated shoulder, perhaps a broken bone or two. We are all familiar with the process of getting those things fixed. After…

Todd Slaughter

Are There Ethical Standards for Medical Arbitration Agreements?

Doctors can refuse to see patients who object to signing an Arbitration Clause. However, if the situation is a medical emergency the doctor cannot ethically refuse treatment where the patient…

Todd Slaughter

Do You Sign Your Doctor's Arbitration Agreement

There is an increasing trend in the medical community to have patients sign off on a Doctor’s Agreement that includes an Arbitration Clause. When a patient signs such an agreement he/she is…

Todd Slaughter

California Hospital Mortality Report Wrangles Rural Nor Cal Hospital

We don’t kill stoke patients! That was the headline quote in the Redding Record Searchlight from Mayers Memorial Hospital CEO Katharine Ann Campbell, responding to a recent hospital mortality report…

Todd Slaughter

Antibacterial Wipes may Spread Drug-resistant Bacteria

A recent study conducted at Cardiff University in Wales evaluated the efficacy of disinfectant laden wipes in the potentially bacterial infestedenvironment of an ICU of a hospital. These wipes are…