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The message is clear: Don’t text while walking, driving, rollerblading or when you should be paying attention to where you are.

The American College of Emergency Physicians recently published an advisory to teens and young adults about the potential hazards of text messaging. Emergency room physicians throughout the country have witnessed a dramatic increase in injuries to youngsters who have split their attention between texting and activities. Injuries have occurred while the texters were rollerblading, bicycle riding, driving, walking and exercising. Two pedestrian deaths have been reported in California. A mother of four was recently killed near Redding, California when her car burst into flames after being rearended by a driver texting her cellphone carrier.

The advisory also warns youngsters to be aware of their surroundings when they decide to focus on messaging. Texters have fallen victim to muggings, assaults and thefts while messaging their friends.

The issue is how do we get the word out to the interactive generation. Text messaging devices are becoming as common as wrist watches. Ireland has initiated an advertising campaign targeted at this population. That’s a start. Should we have “Text Education” in school? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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