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In a little publicized campaign, a young widow and mother of 3, Hope Rivenburg, is lobbying Congress for safer and more secure resting and parking areas for commercial truckers. The proposed legislation, dubbed "Jason’s law," after Hope’s murdered husband, seeks funding to increase the number, size and security of rest stops across the nation. Hope’s motivation stems from the ruthless 2009 robbery and murder of her husband who was parked at an abandoned gas station at night. He was murdered for $7.00.

As stated by the Hearst Washinton Bureau, "Rivenburg’s death shined a spotlight on the dilemmma facing commercial trucers, who are required under federal laws to take regular rest and sleeping breaks." Without adequate and secure parking locations for these long-haul truckers, they are forced to "find what they can."

The status quo is not acceptable. The motoring public as a whole is endangered when truckers do not have sufficient secure rest locations available to them. They haven’t had them for years. Mrs. Rivenburg, our heartfelt condolences and gratitude go out to you. God Bless.

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    Todd -

    Thanks for writing about this. If you visit my blog at and click on the "Jason" tab at the top, you'll find much more information about this problem as a whole, and Jason's story in particular.


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